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Singles Ladder

Mixed Singles Ladder Competition

Tennis Racket and Ball

mixed singles ladder starts April 2022

April 2022 - March 2023

Open to all KTC Members (16+) With Optional Match Formats.

Watch Yourself Climb The Ladder With Regular Ladder Updates Published.

Jason Gordon 07902217979

by 18th March for inclusion in the draw


January 22, 2020

Objective – To challenge and play against players ranked above you on the KTC Ladder in order to move yourself as high as possible and improve your tennis. Play as often as you like in an attempt to climb the ladder. Meet other players at your level and set up matches to fit your schedule.

Challenge over one of the following match formats:

  1. 1 set (Tie break decider if required)

  2. 2 sets (Championship tie break decider if required)

  3. 3 full sets

For the initial ladder, players will be grouped according to their standard but will be randomly placed to encourage competition. Initial ladder placings to be agreed by the KTC Committee.

How does it work?? (Full details will be issued once players have registered)

Serving a Tennis Ball
Ladder Against Blue Wall

Starting League Ladder

Updated 10/10/2022

​Starting Rank in brackets:

  1. Ben Metheringham (6)

  2. Alex West (-)

  3. Chris Sargeant - joker played (3)

  4. Matt Rayner (4)

  5. Matt Adams (2)

  6. James Trout (1)

  7. Rachael Jacobs (5)

  8. George Jones (7)

  9. Rob Waite (8)

  10. Jason Gordon (9)

  11. James Grainger (-)

  12. Alex Blackburn (10)

  13. Sarah Watson (11)

  14. Steve Ratlidge (12)

  15. Paul Miller (14)

  16. Elise Harvey (13)

  17. Glenn Bladon (15)

  18. Claire Hayward (16)

  19. Chris Bayley (19)

  20. Elly Maynard (17)

  21. Patrick Smye (18)

  22. Kim Edmunds (-)

Further Details

January 22, 2020

For illustrative purposes, let’s say there are 20 players who would like to participate. Players ranked 1-14 can challenge players ranked up to 3 places above them.  Players ranked 15-20 can challenge players ranked 5 places above them.  If a lower ranked player wins, they jump up to the place of the higher ranked player who then drops 1 place. If the higher ranked player wins, they move up one place and the lower ranked player remains where they are.

Each player will be given one wild card for the season and can challenge up to 10 places above.

Playing Tennis
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