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In 2018 KTC setup our DS active session (Kingsteignton Lob Stars), a session to support those with Downs Syndrome to start playing tennis. The club runs every Sunday from 11:00 until 12:00 and focusses on developing skills in a fun and supportive setting.

The club have been fully behind the initiative and they now have some of their junior players coming to help out during the Lob Stars session. This is creating an inclusive culture and supporting young people to experience volunteering. Some of the Lob Stars players are also joining the morning junior sessions which again is supporting the inclusive culture. The feedback from the players and parents is fantastic and they have formed a wonderful friendship group. Every week the improvement in all our players is visible for all to see and we hope to get involved in some competitions in the 2020 summer season.

KTC are lucky to have two level 1 volunteer coaching assistants, two level 2 volunteer assistant coaches and an amazing level 3 head coach who run the DS active sessions.

As a club we are always looking for new ways to enable anyone who wants to learn and enjoy tennis to get involved.

DS active squad pic[2866].jpg


Feedback from our players.

Sita (player) “ I love going to tennis, it makes me feel happy and active. James and the team make it fun. I am getting better and stronger every week. I want to move my feet more so James sets up games to help me. I want to go to tennis today.

Sita’s parents “ Site loves her tennis, the lob stars coaching team are professional and dedicated, making the activities variable, exciting and fun to learn new skills. Thank you James and team for such a great opportunity.

Millie (player) “tennis is fun and makes me feel happy, I like jumping over cones and trying to hit the penguins”

Chris (player) “ I am very keen to keep fit and exercise in different sports, I love coming to tennis on a Sunday and making small improvements every week. We have a great group of young players here and a great coaches”

Marathon Match

Born to Compete

To raise awareness and funding for the Downs Syndrome Association, James Trout and Matt Rayner replicated the longest match in history playing for 10.5 hours and 189 games. The event raised £1400 and got spotted on twitter by Nicoli Mahut- one of the original players.

After the match[2867].jpg
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